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Shipping and Charges

Delivery times

A rapid delivery is important to us.

The normal delivery time for products capable for parcel-service such as samples is 1-2 days after payment.
On deliveries with less-than-truckload freight or partial load and full loads our customers can specify a desired delivery date. We assume a lead time of 7 days from ordering. If this is not the case, or some products do have delivery times, then we coordinate an alternative delivery date with you.

Shipping costs

Composite wood materials are often heavy. Shipping costs are therefore in most cases depending on the delivery area, volume and weight. We have developed a freight system that optimizes the shipping cost for each purchase. Since this system is relatively complex, we unfortunately cannot make general statements about the shipping costs. However, once you add an item to the shopping cart, the shipping costs will be displayed in the shopping card, after you have chosen the delivery address and method. Therefore you do have the security over the control of the shipping cost before submitting the order.

For deliveries to countries outside the EU or for container shipments, we must inquire prices for transport individually. At short notice you will receive our offer for transport costs and the expected delivery date.

All deliveries will require a credit check and a trade credit insurance will be contracted. If the demand for a cover note from the credit insurance company is rejected, then we will deliver against prepayment.